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Pastor David T. Demola was the founding pastor of Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center and also the founder and president of Covenant Ministries International. Pastor Demola completed his undergraduate studies at Valley Forge Christian College (formerly Northeast Bible College) and earned a doctorate in theology from Golden State University.

Pastor Demola began his ministry as a teenager working with Teen Challenge on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, ministering to gang members and the lost. Following his work in Teen Challenge, he ministered extensively as a young evangelist throughout Europe, the Caribbean, South America, and the United States for eleven years.

In 1980, Pastor Demola and three others began a home Bible study which rapidly grew into what is now known as Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center, a growing congregation of over 6,000 families in fellowship. Pastor Demola spread the true light of God’s love throughout the world through his weekly international cable telecast, The Teaching Ministry of David T. Demola; and began the annual International Pastors and Ministers Conference – or IPMC - that to this day annually equips pastor around the globe. Additionally, Pastor Demola has an extensive collection of DVD’s, audio cassettes, video tapes, books and various other forms of literature in circulation throughout the world.

Pastor Demola served as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Director and Trustee of the International Convention of Faith Ministries, and is listed in Who’s Who in the American Religion. Having served in the ministry for over 52 years, Pastor Demola is revered internationally for his expansive vision, his apostolic and exhortative anointing, and his dynamic presentation of the Word of God. Pastor Demola was not only passionate about bringing salvation to the lost, but also making disciples by rooting people in the Word of God and teaching them of their rights and privileges as God’s children. Pastor Demola was received in Heaven on February 27th, 2018.

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